Be the lucky one to get a big penis!

The first penises in Solana blockchain and one of the first collections to use adaptive generation of NFTs

Pixeldix is a collection of collectible NFTs in the Solana blockchain. A collection of 4 250 penis algorithmically generated. In our case, and as opposite to most of generated NFTs, we had to take into account the size of the penis to know where to place the different elements of each NFT, so rest assured that your penis will not only be different from any other NFT collection as it will be different from any other penis size. There was a special treatment for each one of the three sizes when algorithmically creating the collection. The penises will be instantly available after minting and can be viewed in phantom, solflare or similar wallets. Its time to show to your friends that you got the bigger penis.
More coming soon...
Roadmap (our future plans)
- Mint the 4 250 sucessfully and in the fairest way possible
- Provide Pixeldix holders the ability to sell their Pixeldixs right after the launch
- Listing in the main marketplaces at the moment. Solanart, Solsea and Digitaleyes
- Upgrade our website with more info and functionalities
- If in the future any new marketplace appears then we will also apply
- Work on the next project that will include the Pixeldixs (secret for now, we may announce it in the next days ;) )
- Project includes a GEN2 only reserved to Pixeldix holders
- Giveaways to Pixeldix holders
- Commitment every day to ensure that the ones that believed in us can make the most from holding a Pixeldix
The Team
The Dix Boss
-- In charge of the project. Businessman by profession, programmer as passion. Dealing with crypto since the last bull run and ever since didnt stop looking for opportunities. Gathered the team and hopes to take the most from everyone as the main goal is to provide our Pixeldix holders profits in the long run.
The Dix AH-64 Apache Helicopter
-- When asked if its a girl or a boy it didnt mind being addressed for whatever we wanted so is now defined as an AH-64 Apache, we all know it is the best heli out there. Now, being serious, this Penis here worked in the development of Apeshit Social Club and Frakt so more than good reasons to believe in its skills and in this project!
The Dix Chad
-- Responsible for the marketing of the project he will show the penises to everyone he knows, small, medium or big it doesnt matter, he is proud of every size. Besides being a master at marketing his network extends to the creator of Solarian, the well known and first ever NFT on solana has ties with this team and we will use them to improve our project.
The Dix Man
-- The idea of penises came from the Boss but this man was responsible to give life to the multiple drawings you see. The first draft created by the Boss compared to what this man ended up doing is like comparing a drawing from a three years old kid with the Mona Lisa.
Why should we trust you?
A lot of NFTs on the market are a big mint price and we plan to address that. It’s not that we think we are worth less than the rest, but trying to give everyone a chance to be apart of the NFT wave. We also have marketing ties to Ape Shit Social Club and Solarians and our dev worked on the development of Apeshit Social Club and Frakt NFTs. So expect this to be handled efficiently and professionally.
What are Pixeldix NFTs?
Pixeldixs are 4 250 algorithmically generated first of its kind on the Solana Blockchain. They are also one of the first in Solana Blockchain using adaptive generation of NFTs. As most NFT collections they will vary on rarity and among the attributes there is the size of the penis, a bigger size has a higher level of rarity.
When is the launch?

Launch will happen on September 30th at 3pm UTC time.

Which wallets can i use?
You will be able to use Phantom, Solflare and Sollet wallets.
Will distribution be random?
Yes, the distribution of Pixeldixs will be random. We want to make this as fair as possible for everyone.
How much will it cost to mint one Pixeldix?
The cost of minting one Pixeldix at pre-sale is 0.25 sol and at public sale is 0.4 sol.
What is different from all the other projects?
First of all this concept will be the first one on Solana, and we all know how important it is to be the first one with ideas. Take for example cryptopunks, although there are a lot of copies and variations resembling the cryptopunks' style they will never get as valuable as cryptopunks. And second, to create this collection we used a new way to generate the images, we called it the adaptive generation.
How were the Pixeldixs generated?
The Pixeldixs were generated with a method we called adaptive generation of NFTs. Instead of using a linear approach, as most projects do, where all the different elements, like hats, clothes, acessories, etc etc, are placed exactly at the same absolute position relative to the 'character' we, instead, gave it a relative position based on the size of the penis, if it is small, medium or big. To be more understandable, in the spectrum of non-AI and AI extrems this method is in the middle.
Where will I be able to sell my PixelDix?
We are working with Digitaleyes and Solanart to get the collection listed as soon as possible. Once we have the deals secured we will inform the community. Until then you can use Digitaleyes and Solsea to list your Pixeldix or our discord in the channel created for that purpose.